About Us

5 multi colored tropical sno snow cones in tropical sno cups, just the tops against and array style background says ABOUT US in white mid image
Rainbow watercolor background, top orange streak says: Pioneer Family Brands- Under that says Pioneer Family Brands, Inc. started in the spring of 1984 when we opened our first Tropical Sno location in Provo, Utah. We experienced so much success, and had such a great time doing it, that we wanted to share our experience with others by helping them start their own Tropical Sno locations. We now have Dealers in every state in the United States and we are in over thirty countries around the world. Our definition of success is helping our Dealers realize their highest potential. Next Orange streak says Local Dealer: Susan Moreland under that it says: Susan Moreland is a local middle school teacher; she has hired several of her fellow educators to help her bring Tropical Sno to Peoria. Susan and her husband Alan are raising their children in this area and are committed to investing in the roots they have put down over the last 25 years. There was a Tropical Sno in the town where Susan grew up, one of the earlier locations of the brand. It was one of Susan’s favorite treats and she is thrilled to bring that joy and yumminess to Peoria. Susan is excited to have the opportunity to use her business also as a fundraising opportunity for non-profits and educational fundraisers. Giving back is an important part of Susan’s business philosophy and she is glad to be able to do that.